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As finance professionals you will spend a lot of time talking to clients and hearing about their latest or recent investment. No doubt you will hear stories of how clients feel they had made a bad investment based on advice they had been given and as a result are out of pocket.

As a caring professional you can now be in the position to offer these clients an opportunity to work with a panel of professionals who will assist them to reclaim the money they have lost.

At Chase Monro we offer a financial claims handing service for clients who have been mis-sold investments. The consultants at Chase Monro include claims management solicitors and ex-independent financial advisors who are perfectly positioned to assess the claim and then handle the claim effectively for your clients.

Chase Monro Claims Ltd is regulated by the Claims Management Regulator in respect of regulated claims management activities. As such we take a highly ethical approach to our activities and do not partake in any mass advertising or ‘ambulance chasing’. However we do believe in assisting people who have been genuinely offered poor advice by professional individuals or organisations, often to satisfy their own agenda rather than the needs of the client.

Our services can be offered to your clients with no upfront costs. Unlike some other claims management companies we do not charge a fee for assessing your clients claim. The cost of our services is paid for from the compensation of any successfully managed claim.

As an indicator of the size of this opportunity, Barclays Bank alone have set aside £1.5bn to compensate customers who were mis-sold interest rate hedging products, not to mention all the other major banks, professional individuals and mis-sold products out there.

We pay our introducers up to 40% commission for any successful claim.