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Have you lost money with your bank, building society or financial advisor?

In recent years, thousands of people have lost money through no fault of their own. There are various ways that a financial product may have been mis-sold to you. This may be as simple as being given bad advice or maybe an advisor has acted in their own interest rather than yours. Chase Monro is here to put this right and get back to you what is rightfully yours.

Mis-sold Investments

If you were promised returns on an investment that never materialised or even worse, money has been lost on the original investment, then investment mis-selling may have taken place, particularly if you were told that the investment was risk free.

Where the risks of the investment not explained to you?

Has the investment not performed as promised?

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Mis-sold Pensions

If you were encouraged to transfer out of a final salary occupational pension scheme into a personal pension scheme or a pension drawdown when additional income was unnecessary then pension mis-selling may have taken place.

Have you lost money after being advised to transfer your pension?

Did the value of your pension decrease after transferring?

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Mis-sold Mortgages

If you were sold a Self Certification, sub prime or adverse mortgages that was vastly more expensive than a traditional high street deal mortgage mis-selling may have taken place, particulary if it was not appropriate for your circumstances.

Were you sold a mortgage that you couldn't afford?

Did you not have to prove your income?

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